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8th KNH/CCCYC Ex-Foster Friends Fellowship

8th  KNH/CCCYC Ex-Foster Friends Fellowship

Venue: Dr. Jones Hall, CRD Centre, LMS Compound,  Trivandrum
Date: 10th  May 2014

The Eigth Regional Fellowship of KNH Ex Foster Friends for South Kerala Diocesan Projects /other KNH Ex Foster Friends who are settled in Trivandrum Region was organized at Dr.Jones Hall, CRD Centre, LMS Compound, Trivandrum School on Saturday 10th  May 2014 from 9:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m. More than 300 KNH Ex foster friends some with their families  have gathered from Kollam, Trivandrum, Malabar,Alapuzha,  Districts.

Group photo of the participants

KNH Ex Foster Friends from Dr.Jones Memorial Welfare Association, CRD Centre actively involved in welcoming and registering the KNH Ex Foster Friends who have come for the Fellowship Meet.

Participants registering their names
At the initiative of CCCYC, Bangalore, Mr.Pradeep Sathyaraj, Project  Coordinator, Mr.Bopi, Social Worker, CRD Centre, Trivandrum and Dr.Jones Memorial Welfare Association under the guidance of the Bishop of South Kerala  Diocese and with the active participation of all the Child Care Workers in South Kerala Diocese have organized the KNH Ex Foster Friends Meet at Trivandrum in a grand manner on 10th May.

Following the Registration , all the KNH –Ex Foster Friends were led in to micro lab exercise recalling their rich memories of their in the Hostel/Day Care Centre  life. Further, the KNH Ex Foster Friends  presented their profiles in brief  and it was a great witnessing session. Besides acknowledging the love of the Sponsors/knh /cccyc, they recognized the service and dedication of their respective  Staff.

All the participants gratefully praised and worshiped the Almighty God and for the manifold blessings which transformed them to be what they are today. Rev. C.R. Vincent, the local Pastor led this session along with Mr.Jacob Former Project Coordinator .

The Fellowship of KNH Ex Foster Friends at Trivandrum was blessed by the Bishop of South Kerala Diocese  Rt.Rev.Dr.Dharmaraj Rasalam, Mr.Lawrence Secretary SKD, Rev. Jacob, Treasurer SKD, Dr.Kavitha Srinivasan Director, CRD Centre Mr. Rasilaayan, Secretary, Charitable Society, Office bearers  of Dr.Jones Memorial Welfare Association and other dignitaries the Diocese along with the Concerned Officers from CCCYC, Bangalore. It was commenced with the traditional  Lamp Lighting event. All the KNH Ex Foster Friends, the Chief Guest and the dignitaries were warmly welcomed by Mr.Pradeep Sathyaraj, Project Coordinator SKD. Those CCWs who have retired also joyfully participated in the fellowship.     
Bishop Dharmaraj Rasalam, Chief Guest
The Bishop  in his special address highlighted the sacrificial giving of the  German Sponsors and encouraged the KNH Ex Foster Friends to respond to the Word of God as mentioned in Mathew 25:40. Further, he  challenged them to extend support through CCCYC to the vulnerable children around us.

A portion of KNH Ex-foster friends in the auditoriam

Briefing the four fold objectives of the KNH Ex Foster Friends Fellowship, Mr. Charles
Soundara Raj shared about the other seven Knh Ex Foster Friends Meet that were held
during the year and praised God for prompting many KNH Ex Foster Friends to come
forward to contribute towards the vulnerable children. He also shared the greetings and 
appreciations to the South Kerala Diocese and all KNH Ex Foster Friends from Rev. 
Solomon Benjamin Chief Executive CCCYC and stated that the Child Protection Ministry of 
CCCYC go a long way under his dynamic leadership. 

Mr.Joshua Project Officer outlined various service streams rendered among the vulnerable 
children and communities by CCCYC. Diocesan Secretary Mr.Lawrence emphasized that 
the CCWs should continue to ensure that Sponsored children are settled well in the society.

Dr.Jones Hall was filled with more than 300 enthusiastic KNH Ex foster friends who have participated in the fellowship joyfully . They were excited to meet their former friends and shared their rich memories of their past among themselves. The Fellowship could witness bursting laughter, emotions because the impact of their hostel life/Day Care Centre   was so great. They enjoyed fellowship lunch very much. 

The participants who participated in the fellowship were Pastors, Teachers,  Lecturers, Nurses , Office Assistants in Railways and State Governments Departments, Confidential Assistants in Commercial Tax Department,Software ngineers, Civil works/Painters, Drivers/Contractors, Social Workers, Fashion Designers,  Bank Employees, Tradesmen, Entrepreneurs , Few Labourers, House wives,  etc.

While witnessing emotionally, many narrated how vulnerable they were and how KNH sponsorship enabled them to be a blessing to their own siblings/families and communities.

Mr. K. Shiji, Ex-Foster friend, Social worker 
Mr.K.Shiji, is a Social Worker in a Private NGO ,  a KNH Ex Foster Friend from CRD Centre, Trivandrum and the Executive Member of Dr.Jones Memorial Welfare Association has detailed the core objectives of the Association and thanked the Sponsors, KNH and CCCYC.

Mr.Vincent George a KNH Ex Foster Friend from CRD, Centre and works as Office Superintendent in Southern Railways [Palakad Division] acknowledged “The Medical Intervention and the Education along with Life Skills Training through CRD Centre, Trivandrum gave me enough inner strength to face many challenges in the latter part of my life. I thank God for  the dedication of Dr.Jones Founder Director of CRD Centre, all my teachers and  staff bestowed up on us.”

Binu an Upper Division Clerk in Government Medical College, Trivandrum stated that he could experience the love and compassion of Jesus through CRD Centre and through him his whole family came to believe Jesus Christ as Saviour of the world. The encouragement and the support of the staff at CRD Centre and CSI Extended Fostership Boys Hostel Kannamoola enabled him to do Post Graduation Studies and pass Kerala Public Service Commission Examination in 6th Rank. He has been the source inspiration and guide to many of his co inmates of CRD Centre in clearing Public Service Examination and University Examinations.

John Bright, Lecturer witnessing
John Bright a KNH Ex Foster Friend from Day Care Centre, Pannimala  has cleared National Eligible Test and got the post of Lecturer to teach Malayalam. He was admitted in CSI Day Care Centre as malnourished child when he was 18 months old along with many other under weight children. He remarked that the Day Care Centre nourished him both physically and mentally. Pannimala was once center for selling illicit liquor and secluded but it is a transformed village because of CSI Day Care Centre.

Reeja a KNH Ex Foster Friend from CSI Day Care Centre from Maruthur has acknowledged that her family was in utter poverty,  and it was KNH support that gave her good food, good education, clothes, tutorial assistance and led her to become an Office Assistant in Indian Railways.

Suja is a  Staff Nurse and a KNH Ex Foster Friend from CSI Day Care Centre, Veeranakavu stated that KNH /CCCYC paved a way  for a better life.

Sathish Kumar  a Magician by Profession and a KNH Ex Foster Friend from CRD Centre performed a Lively Magic Show
Lively Magic Show by Sathish Kumar, KNH Ex-foster from CRD centre
There were few cultural items  presented by KNH Ex Foster Friends.

Besides, Video Clippings of  KNH Ex Foster Friends were also done during the programme.

They agreed to gather region wise once a year and cluster wise once in 3 or 6 months.

The Contact Phone details all those who participated in the Fellowship will be circulated to  all by CCCYC for Net working purpose.

The fellowship meet was concluded with  a closing prayer by Mrs.Manilal, Social Worker, CRD, Centre.

Pictures Showing the KNH Ex-Foster friends who participated in the event: 

Praise and worship Session
Another portion of KNH Ex-foster friends in the auditoriam
Mrs. Saramma, anchoring the fellowship event
Cultural presentation from KNH Ex-foster friends
Mr. Binu, Upper division clerk in Govt. Medical College, Trivandrum witnessing
Mr. Vincent George, Office Superintendent, Southern Railways witnessing

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