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12th KNH/CCCYC Ex-Foster Friends Fellowship @ Kadappa, Andhra

12th KNH/CCCYC Ex-Foster Friends Fellowship


11th October 2014

The Twelth Regional Fellowship of KNH Ex Foster Friends for Rayalaseema Diocesan Projects /other KNH Ex Foster Friends who are settled in Kadapa Region was organized at CSI Sunday School Bhavan, CSI Compound, Kadapa  on Saturday 11th October 2014 from 10:00 a.m to 4:00 a.m. More than 150 KNH Ex foster friends some with their families  have gathered from Kadappa, Anantapur and Chittoor  Districts.

At the initiative of CCCYC, Bangalore, Mr.Backthavatchalam, Project Coordinator Rayalaseema Diocese under the guidance of the Bishop of Rayalaseema Diocese and with the active participation of all the Child Care Workers of this Diocese has organized the KNH Ex Foster Friends Meet at Kadapa in a grand manner.

All the KNH Ex Foster Friends were warmly welcomed by Mr.Balasundaram  a  KNH Ex Foster Friend and Office Manager of Rayalaseema Diocese and his Staff  . Following the Registration , all the KNH –Ex Foster Friends were led in to micro lab exercise recalling their rich memories of their Hostel lives.

All the participants gratefully praised and worshiped the Almighty God  for the manifold blessings which transformed them to be what they are today. Rev. Shalom,local Pastor led the Praise and Worship along with Church Choir .

The Fellowship of KNH Ex Foster Friends was blessed by the Rt.Rev.Dr.B.D Prasad, Bishop of CSI Rayalaseema, Rev. P.Isaac Varaprasad, Diocesan Secretary, Rev.PDSJ Benhar, Diocesan Treasurer, Rev.Mathew, Divisional Chairman, Kadapa Mr.Backthavatchalam Project Coordinator and Officers from CCCYC. It was commenced with the traditional  Lamp Lighting event. The Chief Guest and other dignitaries were welcome by Mr.Backthavatchalam, Project Coordinator and Child Care Workers and  the KNH Ex foster Friends.

 The Diocesan Secretary shared God’s message on Feeding the Five Thousands and made the Ex foster  Friends to search as to what they had and how much of Goodness, Talents and Resources they shared with those who were in need.
Briefing the four fold objectives of the KNH Ex Foster Friends Fellowship, Mr.Charles Soundara Raj led the KNH Ex Foster Friends to present their profiles in brief  and it was a great witnessing session. Besides acknowledging the love of the Sponsors/ knh /cccyc, they recognized the service and dedication of their Past and Present  CCWs.He also challenged them to make their vision, vision of God/KNH a reality since millions of vulnerable children are in need around us. Ex foster friends thanked and appreciated KNH/CCCYC for its various services among the most vulnerable children and community.
The Bishop  in his special address both in the Planning Committee meeting and the KNH/CCCYC Ex Foster Friends get together   mooted the idea of promoting Indigenous Sponsorship and exhorted the two existing KNH Ex Foster Friends Forum such as SERVICE [Society of Ex foster children in Rayalaseema Voluntaily involved in Children’s Education] and REFORM [Royalaseema Ex Foster children for Rural Mission] to initiate and promoting Indigenous sponsorship. He also quoted that Today’s Children are Tomorrow’s Citizen, Tomorrow’s Leaders /Builders if We Care.

The Sunday School Bhavan was filled with more than 150 enthusiastic KNH Ex foster friends who have participated in the fellowship joyfully . They were excited to meet their former friends and shared their rich memories of their past among themselves. The Fellowship could witness bursting laughter, emotions because the impact of their hostel life  was so great. They enjoyed fellowship lunch very much. 

The participants who participated in the fellowship were Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Head Masters, Lecturers, Nurses, Railways, Marketing/Civil Contractors, Photographers/Videographer, Police Inspector/Indian Army/Road Transport Corporation depts. , Asst.grade, Social Service, Engineers, Fashion Designers,  Bank Employees, Tradesmen, Entrepreneurs etc.
While witnessing emotionally, many narrated how vulnerable they were and how KNH sponsorship enabled them to be a blessing to their own siblings/families and communities.

In this meet, three Core Groups were formed on the basis of geographical areas which are as follows.
1.Chittoor District Core Group Core Members:
1.Mr.Sathish 2.Ramanaiaha 3.Veeraiah

2.Kadapa District Core Group Members:
1.Mrs.Mary Sakuntala 2.Mr.Devamani 3.Mr.B.Mark 4.Mrs.K.Nirmala

3.Anantapur District Core Group Members:
1.Mr.Deena Dayal Swaroop 2.N.Devakrupa 3.Ch.Joseph

It was decided that  District Level Meets may be organized twice in a year and Diocesan Level Meet may be organized once a year.

Further, the Core Groups were encouraged to ponder on the following in the  Group discussion  .
1.Possibilities of Help to the Children
2.Strategies of Help
3.Connectivity with the Diocesan Child Care Institutions
4.Formation and Facilitation of Ex Foster Fellowships
5.Core Group Functionality

One the two existing Ex Foster Friends Forums SERVICE [which currently supports two children through Endowment] proposed to  support 20 deserving children in the future and other unit REFORM continued to render assistance to the needy directly. They shared their experiences and read their reports.

The Ex foster friends were motivated to prepare the life stories to be passed to their respective sponsors who invested their time, talent, money and love.

The Contact Phone details all those who participated in the Fellowship will be circulated to  all by CCCYC for Net working purpose.

Mr.Backthavatchalam, Project Coordinator thanked all the dignitaries and the Knh ExFoster Friends Correspondents and Child Care workers for cooperation and the support extended for the successful event.
The fellowship meet was concluded with  a closing prayer and   benediction by the Bishop of CSI Rayalaseema Diocese.

Prepared by
S.Charles Soundararaj
Special Officer- KNH Ex Foster Friends

KNH Ex-foster friends recollecting the past memories

KNH Ex-foster friends recollecting the past memories

Participants during the introductory games

Opening Prayer by Rev. Mathews, Chairman, Kadappa DC, CSI RD

Welcome address by Mr. J. E. Bhakthavatsalam, Project Coordinator, CSI RD

Bishop is being felicitated

Traditional lamp lighting by the Rt. Rev. Dr. BD Prasada Rao, Bishop, CSI Rayalaseema Diocese

Lamp lighting by Rev. PDSJ Benhur, Treasurer, CSI RD

Praise and Worship led by Rev. B. S. Shalom

Inaugural address by Rt. Rev. Dr. BD Prasada Rao, Bishop

Special Message by Rev. P Isaac Varaprasad, Secretary, CSI RD

Part of audience

Group discussion of Ananthapur Region Exfoster friends

Group discussion of Chittoor Region Exfoster friends

Reporting by the Volunteers after group discussions

Thanks giving Folk song by participants

KNH exfoster friends giving their testimony

Reporting by Mr. C.H. Joseph from SERVICE (Society of Exfoster Children in Rayalaeeema Voluntarily Involved in Children's Education)

Reporting by Mr. Yesuratnam from REFORM (Rayalaseema Exfoster Children for Rural Mission) 

Reporting by the Volunteers after group discusssionsaaaa 

Group photo of KNH Exfoster friends, Kadappa

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