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7th KNH/CCCYC Ex-Foster Friends Fellowship

7th  KNH/CCCYC Ex-Foster Friends Fellowship

Venue: LPNI School and Home campus, K.Pudur, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Date: 1st May 2014

The Seventh Regional Fellowship of KNH Ex Foster Friends for Madurai-Ramnad Diocesan Projects /other KNH Ex Foster Friends who are settled in Madurai Region was organized at LPNI School and Home, K.Pudur, Madurai on Thursday 1st May 2014 from 10:00 a.m to 4:00 a.m. More than 200 KNH Ex foster friends some with their families  have gathered from Madurai, Sivagangai, Rmnad, Dindugal,Virudunagar and Tirunelveli  Districts.

At the initiative of CCCYC, Bangalore, Mr.Augustine Ponraj, Project Coordinator Madurai – Ramnad Diocese under the guidance of the Bishop Madurai –Ramnad Diocese and with the active participation of all the Child Care Workers in Madurai Ramnad  Diocese has organized the KNH Ex Foster Friends Meet at Madurai in a grand manner on May Day.

All the KNH Ex Foster Friends were warmly welcomed with Rose petals and Sugar cubes.

Following the Registration , all the KNH –Ex Foster Friends were led in to micro lab exercise recalling their rich memories of their Hostel life

Briefing the four fold objectives of the KNH Ex Foster The Bishop  in his special address exhorted the KNH Ex Foster Friends to respond to the Word of God as mentioned in Psalm 103: 2, Mathew 25:40 and John 6:38 and challenged to them to extend support at least one deserving child cardiac patient and God has blessed her to become a Professional Nurse caring for the Cardiac patients in one leading multi speciality Hospital i.e Bangalore Baptist Hospital,Bangalore. He challenged them to join the family of CCCYC and become sponsors since millions of vulnerable children are in need around us.Mr. Alexandar, Development Consultant recalled how the German Sponsors came forward to sponsor with their limited resources and inspired to share with what they have and not from their surplusMrs.Rama Prabha Ex FosterFriend from CMS Home for Children, Sachiapuram  remarked that when her large family was in utter poverty, KNH support lifted her to become a Lecturer and be a blessing her family. The Hostel life continued to impact her professional life and family life very much. One of them voiced that they should join and raise at least 100 sponsorship every year. The fellowship meet was concluded with  a closing prayer by Mrs.Joice Wilson Correspondent, CMS Home for Children, Sachiapuram and with  benediction pronounced by Mr.Charles SoundaraRaj.

All the participants gratefully praised and worshiped the Almighty God and for the manifold blessings which transformed them to be what they are today. Rev. Jacob the local Pastor led this session with opening Prayer and Pasumalai youth  rendered music along with the Singing team .

The Fellowship of KNH Ex Foster Friends was blessed by the Bishop in the Diocese of Madurai –Ramnad Rt.Rev.Dr.M.Joseph, Mr.A.Solomon, Director of Homes in DMR, Mr.Alexander, Development Consultant and other dignitaries   from the Diocese along with Rev.Solomon P Benjamin Chief Execcutive and his team of Officers and Managers from CCCYC. It was commenced with the traditional  Lamp Lighting event. The Chief Guest and other dignitaries were welcome by Mr.Solomon, Director  of Homes in DMR, Correspondents and Child Care Workers and  the KNH Ex foster Friends. Those CCWs who have retired also joyfully participated in the fellowship.

Briefing the four fold objectives of the KNH Friends Fellowship, Mr.Charles Soundara Raj led the KNH Ex Foster Friends to present their profiles in brief  and it was a great witnessing session. Besides acknowledging the love of the Sponsors/ knh /cccyc, they recognized the service and dedication of their  Child Care Workers including those who are retired from the service.
Besides, he praised God for the opportunity to serve as Warden in CSI Boys Home, Aruppukottai and CSI Boys Home Pasumalai.  He also encouraged the KNH Ex Foster Friends to remain as witnesses to the love of God and fulfill the vision of KNH. 

Witnessing the large gatherings of KNH Ex foster friends , Rev.Solomon P Benjamin, Chief Executive from CCCYC acknowledged that it is God’s sheer grace that has enabled many thousands of vulnerable children to attain success and development through KNH/CCCYC supported Hostels.  He narrated that one Ponmalar witnessed that she was living because of knh /cccyc Hostel that provided shelter to that abandoned child and surgical assistance to that pediatric

Pastor.Gunasekar a KNH Ex Foster Friend from CSI Boys Home, Aruppukotai and CSI Boys Home Pasumalai narrated his vulnerable position as abandon kid, street kid, etc. His 12 year Hostel life and 12 year Professional Life in CCCYC KNH influenced him very much to commit to serve the vulnerable children from the slums, orphans, HIV/AIDS Affected and Infected Children. God has enabled him to reestablish two Residential Homes with 100 sponsorships which were closed by KNH/CCCYC through Calvary Chapel Trust

The Auditorium was filled with more than 200 enthusiastic KNH Ex foster friends who have participated in the fellowship joyfully . They were excited to meet their former friends and shared their rich memories of their past among themselves. The Fellowship could witness bursting laughter, emotions because the impact of their hostel life  was so great. They enjoyed fellowship lunch very much. 

The participants who participated in the fellowship were Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Head Lecturers, Nurses in Railways, Marketing/Civil Contractors,  Traffic Police Inspector/Indian Army/panchayat secretary,  employee in Collector’s office, Asst.grade, Social Service, Engineers, Fashion Designers,  Bank Employees, Tradesmen, Entrepreneurs etc.

While witnessing emotionally, many narrated how vulnerable they were and how KNH sponsorship enabled them to be a blessing to their own siblings/families and communities.

While many of the KNH Ex Foster Friends expressed their willingness to join the ministry of CCCYC/KNH after consulting with their spouses and Fifty Eight of them came forward to sponsor instantly.

Many KNH Ex Foster Friends expressed joyfully “Fellowship made us feel as if we were reuniting with our Mothers Home.”

The Exfoster friends were motivated to prepare the life stories to be passed to their respective sponsors who invested their time, talent, money and love.

They agreed to gather Region wise once a year and District cluster wise once in 3  months.

The Contact Phone details all those who participated in the Fellowship will be circulated to  all by CCCYC for Net working purpose.

Residential Care Projects sponsored beautiful mementos to all KNH Ex Foster Friends who attended the Fellowship and they were presented by the Chief Executive of CCCYC.

Mr.Augustine Ponraj, Project Coordinator thanked all the dignitaries and the Knh Ex Foster Friends, Correspondents and Child Care workers for their cooperation and the support extended.

Welcoming KNH Ex-Foster friends with Rose flowers and Sugar cubes

KNH Ex-Foster friends registering their names 

KNH Ex-Foster friends registering their names 

Hearty Welcome!

Micro-lab Exercise - Recollecting past memories

Micro-lab Exercise - Recollecting past memories

Micro-lab Exercise - Recollecting past memories

Opening prayer led by Rev. Jacob the local Pastor  

A portion of the Participants  
Felicitating the Chief Guest Bishop Joseph
Felicitating  Rev. Solomon Benjamin, Chief executive, CCCYC
Traditional lamp lighting by Chief Executive, CCCYC

Traditional lamp lighting by Bishop
Witnessing by KNH Ex-foster friends
Witnessing by KNH Ex-foster friends

Witnessing by KNH Ex-foster friends

Witnessing by KNH Ex-foster friends

Bishop Joseph giving the message

Rev. Solomom Benjamin inspiring the audience 

Mr. Alex, Development consultant addressing the audience 

A portion of the participants 

Dr. Rama Prabha witnessing and challenging co knh ex-foster friends

A portion of the participants 
  Police Sub-Inspector  Mr. Mani,  a Ex-foster friend witnessing 
CCCYC team lead by the chief executive having a interaction session with the child care workers
Group photo of child care workers along with officials from CCCYC and Diocese of Madurai & Ramnad
Mr. Augustin Ponraj thanking the participants and the dignitaries

You can see the video on Youtube:


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