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5th KNH/CCCYC Ex-Foster Friends Fellowship

5th  KNH/CCCYC Ex-Foster Friends Fellowship

Venue: Wesley Girls school, Secundrabad, Andhra Pradesh
Date: 8th March 2014

The 5th Fellowship of KNH Ex Foster Friends for Medak Diocesan Projects/other KNH Ex Foster Friends who are settled in Secunderabad Region was organized at Wesley Girls School Auditorium, Secunderabad on Saturday 8th March 2014 from 10:00 a.m to 4:00 a.m. More than 300 KNH Exfoster friends some with their families  have gathered from Adilabad,Nizamabad Districts.

At the initiative of CCCYC, Bangalore, Dr.Vimal Sukumar Diocesan Treasurer and Project Coordinator has made the required arrangements with the active participation of all the Child Care Workers in Medak Diocese has organized the KNH Ex Foster Friends Meet at Secunderabad

All the participants gratefully praised and worshiped the Almighty God and for the manifold blessings showered on them. Rev.B.Winston Presbyter in charge of CSI Wesley Church,Clock Tower Sec.bad and a KNH Ex Foster Friend from Wesley Boys Hostel Secunderabad led this session along with the Singing team from Wesley Girls Hostel.

The Fellowship of KNH Ex Foster Friends was blessed by the Moderator of CSI The Most Rt.Rev.Dr.G.Dyvasirvadam, The Diocesan Treasurer and Project Coordinator and other  Leaders from the Medak Diocesan Church Councils. It was commenced with the traditional Lighting the Lamp. The Chief Guest and other guests were welcome by the KNH Ex foster Friends. s
 The Moderator  inaugurated the KNH Ex Foster Friends Meet with the Word of God and appreciated the KNH Ex Foster Friends for their enthusiastic participation . In his inaugural address, he stated that KNH played vital role in transforming the lives of vulnerable children all over the country for about five and half decades and we need to give all praise and honor to the compassionate Lord Jesus Christ. He also encouraged the KNH Ex Foster Friends to remain as witnesses to the love of God and fulfill the vision of KNH. 

Witnessing the large gatherings of KNH Ex foster friends from the field of Education, Ministry, Engineering, Nursing, I.T etc, Rev.Solomon P Benjamin, Chief Executive from CCCYC acknowledged that it is God’s sheer grace that has enabled to attain development through KNH/CCCYC and your Hostels.  He presented ministry of CCCYC/KNH  by power point presentation and challenged them to make their vision, vision of God/KNH a reality since millions of vulnerable children are in need around us. Ex foster friends thanked and appreciated KNH/CCCYC for its various services among the most vulnerable children and community.

Seeing the cultural performance of the foster children, the KNH Ex Foster women professionals were inspired and presented a folk dance which they learnt in their Hostel. The audience enjoyed their performance.

The Auditorium was filled with more than 300 enthusiastic KNH Ex Foster Friend KNH Ex foster friends who have participated in the fellowship joyfully . They were excited to meet their former friends and shared their rich memories of their past among themselves. The Fellowship could witness bursting laughter, emotions because the impact of their hostel life  was so great. They enjoyed fellowship lunch very much. 

The Diocesan Treasurer and Project Coordinator Dr.Vimal Sukumar and Rev.A.C Solomon Vice Chairman of the Diocese and an Ex Foster Friend from Wesley Boys Hostel Secundrabad have donated Rs.10000 /each towards Fellowship expenses. It was also encouraging that about 230 KNH Ex foster friends contributed Rs. 100/ each as their registrations towards the Lunch expenses 

The participants who participated in the fellowship were Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Head Masters, Lecturers, Doctors,Nurses in Railways, Advocate, Journalists, Marketing/Media executives, , Photo/Video specialists, Police/Postal/Agricultural/ Road Transport Corporation depts. , Asst.grade, Social Service, Engineers, Fashion Designers,  Bank Employees, Tradesmen, Entrepreneurs etc.
While witnessing emotionally, many narrated how vulnerable they were and how KNH sponsorship enabled him to be a blessing to their own siblings/families and communities. He challenged the audience to come forward to become Indian sponsors. While many of the KNH Ex Foster Friends expressed their willingness to join the ministry of CCCYC/KNH after consulting with their spouses, Eleven of them came forward to sponsor instantly. They are A.Kalavathi,Rev.S.Vijayakuari Joseph,K.Pushpa, T.Vijayalakshimi, S.Mary Pramila Kumari and K.Vijayalakshimi from Wesley Girls Hostel,Secundrabad, G.Sneha HPD Home for the Deaf, Armoor, E.Varun Kumar,K.A Vind Kumar from Wesley Boys Hostel, Secunderabad, S.John, Model Day Care Center, Medak,K.Ronald Prashanth Kumar,Karimnagar

Mrs.Sunita Ex FosterFriend from Wesley Girls Hostel, Medak remarked that KNH support moulded me as Social Entrepreneur to promote Women Empowerment.
Rev.B.Winston KNH Ex Foster Friend from Wesley Boys Hostel, Medak testifies that it is God’s plan that CCCYC/KNH would continue to promote sustainable growth among the vulnerable. 
Advocate Jogram Tejavath Ex Foster Friend from DDJC Boys Hostel, Dornakal remarked that it was KNH that provided opportunity to become what he is today and as partner of CCCYC-KNH,  he serves among the backward Lambada Tribe through Banjara Seva Samithy.

Then the profiles of few sponsors in Germany were highlighted through Banners and how they came forward to give sponsorship support with all limitations .

The on going activities of various Projects thru Photographs and Banners have been displayed

The Exfoster friends were motivated to prepare the life stories to be passed to their respective sponsors who invested their time, talent, money and love.

Besides, Video Clippings of  KNH Ex Foster Friends were also done during the programme.

They agreed to gather region wise once a year and cluster wise once in six months.
The Contact Phone details all those who participated in the Fellowship will be circulated to  all by CCCYC for Net working purpose.

The fellowship meet was concluded with  a closing prayer Rev.Armstrong an KNH Ex Foster Pastor and with  benediction by Rev.Solomon.P.Benjamin.

KNH Ex-Foster friends registering their names 
Praise and Worship 
The chief guest and other dignitaries  arriving
A portion of audience
A Part of audience

Facilitating the Moderator, CSI
Inaugurating the fellowship thorough traditional lamp lighting by the Moderator, CSI
Inaugurating the fellowship thorough traditional lamp lighting by the Chief Executive, CCCYC
Moderator Rt. Rev. Dr. G. Dyvasirvadam, delivering special message
Moderator Rt. Rev. Dr. G. Dyvasirvadam, delivering special message

Rev. Solomom Benjamin, Chief Executive, CCCYC addressing the audience
KNH Ex-foster friends sharing their life story
Recollecting the past memory, the KNH Ex-foster friends (ladies) presented a folk dance 
Dance performance by  sponsor children of Wesley Girls Home, Secundrabad
Dance performance by  sponsor children of Priestly Memorial Girls Hostel

KNH Ex-foster friend from Wesley Girls Hostel, Medak, Mrs. Sunitha, Social Entrepreneur witnessing
KNH Ex-foster friend from DDJC Boys Hostel, Dornakkal, Mr. T. Jogram, Advocate and President of Banjara Seva Samithi witnessing
KNH Ex-foster friend from PVM boarding home, Kalluru, Dornakkal Diocese,
Prof. Stanley Suresh, a renowned artist inspiring the audience
Group photo of KNH/CCCYC Ex-foster friends 
Chief Executive along with the project staff

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