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4th KNH/CCCYC Ex-Foster Friends Fellowship

4th KNH/CCCYC Ex-Foster Friends Fellowship

Venue: Schade English medium school, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh
Date: 27th February 2014

First Regional Fellowship KNH Ex Foster Friends for AELC Projects /Rajahmundry Region was organized at Schade English Medium School Auditorium, Rajahmundry on Thursday 27th February 2014.More than 150 KNH Exfoster friends some with their families  have gathered from Guntur, East and West Godavari Kakinada, Vishakapatnam Districts. 

The Fellowship of KNH Ex Foster Friends was blessed by the Moderator-President of AELC Rev.Fredrick Paradesi Babu, the Treasurer of AELC Mr.B.C Rajarathinam and other  Leaders from the Church Council. It was commenced with the choreograph presented by the Sponsored children from Ashram KNH Friend  s Meet with the Word of God and appreciated the KNH Ex Foster Friends for their enthusiastic participation . While appreciating the ministry of KNH, He acknowledged that KNH Sponsorship had brought great impact both in AELC and the community. He also thanked the CCCYC-KNH for instilling hope in millions of  vulnerable children.

Rev.Solomon PBenjamin Chief Executive CCCYC-KNH Bangalore has greeted the KNH Ex Foster Friends and the AELC Moderator and other Church Officials and thanked and appreciated them for their active participation through his voice message telephonically.

All the participants were led to know each other and recollected their fond memories as the sponsored children through Micro lab exercises.

KNH Ex foster friends have participated in the fellowship joyfully . They were excited very much to meet their former friends and shared their rich memories of their past among themselves. The Fellowship could witness bursting laughter, emotions because the impact of their hostel life  was so great.

At the initiative of CCCYC, Bangalore, Mr.G. Devakumar Project Coordinator AELC has made the required arrangements with the active participation of all the Child Care Workers in AELC has organized the KNH Ex Foster Friends Meet at Rajahmundry.

 Rev.MAJ Sudhakar, Pastor in one of the Pastorates of AELC is one of the KNH Ex Foster Friends from Lutheran Boys Hostel Project No.20961 contributed and mobilized resources from 15 other KNH Ex Foster Friends towards the Expenses of fellowship lunch and Banners .He has agreed to do the necessary follow up .
The participants who participated in the fellowship were Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Head Masters, Lecturers, Nurses in Railways and Govt., Advocate, Journalists, Voice Specialists, Assistants in the Court, Photostudio, Receptionists, Security Officers,Postal dept. Assistant Statistic Officer, Asst.grade,Anganvadi Teachers,AgriDept. Optometrists, Graphic Designers, Nursing Supts., Music Director,Assistant Executive Engineers, Fashion Designers, Engineer, Bank Employees, Insurance Company,Tradesmen, Students pursing professional courses like B.ScNsg. MBBS etc.

All the participants gratefully praised and worshiped the Almighty God and for the manifold blessings showered on them. Rev. M.Moses local Pastor AELC  led this session.

Mr.S.Charles Soundara Raj from CCCYC narrated the various Service Streams being launched by CCCYC KNH. Exfoster friends thanked and appreciated KNH/CCCYC for its various services among most vulnerable children and community.

While witnessing emotionally, many narrated how vulnerable they were and how KNH sponsorship enabled him to be a blessing to their own siblings/families and communities. He challenged the audience to come forward to become Indian sponsors. It was encouraging that  Seven of KNH Ex Foster Friends  such as Mr.K.W. Jayakar a well wisher, P.Veeraraju from 20954, N.Jyothy, KMRK Nirmala Vedamani from 20956, K.Swamidass Nova, Pothala Anil kumar  from 20951 came forward to extend support to the needy children and one of the Child Care Workers was inspired to sponsor a Male Child through CCCYC. Many of them stated that they would discuss with their respective spouses and respond at a later date
Then the profiles of few sponsors in Germany were highlighted through Banners and how they came forward to give sponsorship support with all limitations .The Exfoster friends were motivated to prepare the life stories to be passed to their respective sponsors who invested their time, talent, money and love. Besides, Video Clippings of  KNH Ex Foster Friends were also done during the programme.

On behalf of CCCYC, Mr.Charles SoundaraRaj thanked all the KNH Ex Foster Friends for their interest in taking part in KNH Ex foster friends Fellowship and  all Child Care Workers from AELC Projects and  AELC Church Officials for their cooperation and support.

The fellowship meet was concluded with a closing prayer and Benedition by Rev.MAJ. Sudhakar.

KNH Ex-foster friends recollecting their past memories
The dignitaries from AELC
Welcome dance by Ashram KNH girls hostel, Rajahmundry
 Moderator-President/Bishop of AELC Rev.Fredrick Paradesi Babu praising great  contribution of the KNH
A portion of the KNH Ex-foster friends 
A portion of KNH Ex-foster friends (Women)

KNH Ex-foster friend Mrs. Devi, Staff Nurse witnessing
KNH Ex-foster friend Dr. Sugandhar Rao, Psychologist witnessing
KNH Ex-foster friends recollecting and sharing their life stories
KNH Ex-foster friend M.A.J Sudhakar, Pastor AELC concludes the fellowship in closing prayer
A group of KNH Ex-foster friends (Gents)
A group of KNH Ex-foster friends (Ladies)

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