Thursday, 25 April 2013

CCCYC Team Visit to Jagruthi

CCCYC Team Visit to Jagruthi

In India, varied gradations in the social and economic palettes are explicated through poverty, malnutrition, sanitation problems and cluttered shelters. Global developmental and relief agencies estimate about 11 million children live in the Indian streets. Also, more than 2 million Indians are living with HIV/AIDS. Scanning the statistics and ramifications in detail will reveal the unenviable conditions in the lives of millions of the children and communities. The council through various contextualised programmes addresses the challenges of children and communities whose future is at risk if not intervened appropriately.

Jagruthi aims at implementing programmes to prevent sexual abuse, rescue and rehabilitate children from sex trade and sexually abused children in Bangalore. Jagruthi means to empower; as the name suggests, the organization works to empower the weak and vulnerable sidelined in the society on the basis of poverty,

Mr. Solomon P. Benjamin, the Chief Executive of CCCYC, Mr. Joseph Chungath and Mr. Gnana D. Hans, Project Officers, CCCYC visited the Jagruthi on 24 April 2013. The CCCYC team interacted with the direct beneficiaries of the project to understand the impact of the programmes. Most of the beneficiaries, opined that Jagruthi has empowered them to imbibe confidence and hope to encounter the challenges and realities of life. The beneficiaries of Jagruthi visibly carry the confidence that helps them to realize their inherent potentials, the courage to encounter the current challenges and hope to celebrate the fullness of life.    

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Photos taken on 24 April 2013 during the project visit

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