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2nd KNH/CCCYC Ex-Foster Friends Fellowship

2nd KNH/CCCYC Ex-Foster Friends Fellowship

Venue: CCCYC campus, Bangalore
Date: 15th August 2013

CCCYC has Organised a get together of KNH Ex-foster Professionals such as Nurses,Pramedics, Engineers and other Executives who are settled in Bangalore on Thursday 15th August 2013 at the CCCYC Campus.

We are glad to report that there were 81 Professionals attended who are currently working in Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Manipal Hospital, NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science) Hospital, ESI Hospital, Mallaya Hospital, SRL Laboratories, Aaugs Health care, Global Edge, Shobha Projects and Trade Private ltd.,

It was a half a day Fellowship started with Praise and Worship led by the CCCYC choir.  Then they were led in to Micro Lab exercises, which facilitated them to recollect their fond memories of Hostel life, professional training period, Achievements made and get to know each other.

 The KNH Ex-foster Professionals were informed about the status of KNH / CCCYC ministries in India and around the Globe in general and very particularly about the newly appointed Chief Executive of CCCYC Bangalore.   Rev. Solomon P Benjamin who highly valued the contribution of KNH / CCCYC, among the vulnerables and the achievement of the Ex-foster Professionals.    He is keen in sharing the Life Stories of Ex-foster Professionals with their sponsors through KNH /CCCYC.

While bringing God’s message from Jesus Feeding the 5000 people focusing A Message, A Meal and A Miracle, Rev. Solomon inspired the KNH Ex-foster professionals that God has enabled each one of them to become a blessed Bread to be shared by his siblings / family / neighborhood community. The entire audience praised God the Almighty for the memorable message.

During the Reflection session, the KNH Ex-foster Professionals  became very emotional, thrilled and gratefully acknowledged with thanks, the contribution of their Wardens / Hostels / Sponsors / CCCYC / KNH.

The Following were some of the reflections of the KNH Ex-foster Professionals :-

·  “KNH/CCCYC enabled me to complete my M.Sc., Electronics and become Design Engineer” and it was great opportunity to visit the CCCYC Office “ –Vinu P 20623/34

·  “KNH/CCCYC and my Warden elevated me from a Slum to a Multinational I.T.Company as Finance Manager” –Srinivasa R.20005/255

·  My Hostel life and the continued counseling from my Warden enabled me to lead a confident life even though lost my husband who was in the Indian Army.-Arul Beaulah Jasmine 20506/0450.

·  I learnt to be very careful in my work by the advice of my Warden/CCCYC/KNH and win the confidence of my Superiors and the Central Minister from the Government. As hostel boy I used to run out side the Hostel building the moment I heard the sound of an Helicopter or Aero plane. As a personal Male Nurse ti a Central Government Minister, I got much opportunity travel in Helicopter and Aero plane along with Minister during his tour in India and abroad.- E. Baskaran 20372/207

·  Though I failed in the 12th standard, I became Lab Technician by the encouragement of my Warden and CCCYC/ KNH.- Kesavel 20407/731

· The Ex foster children of St.Paul’s Home Nallur my studies and encouragement of Warden and CCCYC made to be employed at ESI Hospital, Bangalore as Lab Technician though I am from Tamilnadu –Shunmuga Sundaram 20606/6028

·  I learnt many many things during my Hostel days.With KNH help I became a Staff Nurse, married and blessed with two children. –Velduraichi –20602

·  I improved my personality and I am an Intern and would become a successful Nurse because of the encouragement from Hostel /CCCYC/KNH.Josephine Jebarani 20401/1498

·  I am alive because of KNH “When” I was a school child; KNH/CCCYC helped me to undergo Heart Surgery. After successful completion of GNM training, I have become the Staff Nurse and today, I work as Nurse in Cardiac Department, Bangalore Baptist Hospital. – Ponmalar 21383/11

Though many of them wanted to share, we allowed the above candidates only to share their reflections,  for want of time.   However, we have collected their life stories, which are being edited for publication from CCCYC.

It was a joyful coincidence that Mr. M. Jeyapaul, Director of Shalom Foundation, Vellore, former Manager from CCCYC, and KNH Ex-foster Professional addressed briefly and motivated to show their gratitude even if it is small and without waiting.

The fellowship meeting concluded with the closing Prayer and Benediction by Rev. Solomon P. Benjamin and Fellowship Lunch at 2:30 p.m.

Report Prepared by

S. Charles Soundara Raj
Project Officer – CCCYC.

Hearty Welcome 
KNH Ex-Foster Professionals
Recollecting the past memories

 Rev. Solomon Benjamin, Chief Executive - CCCYC, addressing 

Part of the audience 
Mr. Srinivasa, KNH Ex-foster friend, Finance Executive in MNC
KNH Ex-foster friend Mr. Vinu, a physically challenged and design engineer sharing his life story 
KNH Ex-foster friend from Ramnadu Mrs. Arul Beulah Mary, staff nurse, sharing her life story
KNH Ex-foster friend Ms. Jasmine, staff nurse, sharing her life story

KNH Ex-foster friend Mr. Kesavan, Lab-technision, sharing his life story 
KNH Ex-foster friend  Mrs. Velduraichi, staff nurse, sharing her life story
KNH Ex-foster friend Ms. Ponmalar, staff nurse, sharing her life story
Former Manager of  CCCYC and KNH Ex-foster friend Mr. M. Jayapaul encouraging KNH Ex-foster friends
KNH Ex-foster friends recollecting their past memories

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