Friday, 19 April 2013

Visit to abode of love and hope

Visit to abode of love and hope

“The ultimate criterion for gauging the integrity of society . . . is the way it treats children, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable ones.” (UNICEF)

Social security, personal surety and undisturbed social living with lots of love and hope are some of the significant aspects that contribute to the sustainable development of the children. The Churches’ Council for Child and Youth Care (CCCYC) in partnership with Kindernothilfe (KNH) has been incessantly intervening in the lives of differently abled children and other vulnerable children to help them celebrate the fullness of life by implementing contextualised programmes through the various project carriers like the Church. In this regard, the Church of South India (CSI) Vellore Diocese implemented programmes for deserving children, women, youth and communities in margins. The Diocese of Vellore is located in the northern part of the Tamilnadu, flanked by agricultural related activities. Predominantly, the diocese has rural milieu with very less access to the resources. The project carrier strives to bring about change in the lives of many thousands of people living in this area through programmes to promote education, to disseminate information and programme to augment their livelihood abilities.

On 18 April 2013, CCCYC team headed by Mr. Solomon P. Benjamin, the Chief Executive, Mr. J. Asir Jeyasingh, Programme Manager, Mr. Gnana D. Hans, Project Officer visited select project in CSI Vellore Diocese supported by CCCYC and KNH namely ‘Anbu Illam’ and ‘Adaikalam’ situated in the perimeter of the Vellore town. Anbu Illam, is project for the Children with Cerebral Palsy and Intellectually Challenged Children; about 82 deserving children are supported by the project. The project has individualized intervention strategy to facilitate better rehabilitation and total development of the children. Adaikalam, was started in the year 1997, aimed at providing care, support and hope to children and families suffering from various effects of HIV/AIDS. Apart from the physical and economic implications, the families especially undergo severe social ostracism. The lives of innocent children and women are affected to an extent that their future is uncertain. At present 200 children from 100 HIV/AIDS infected and affected families around Vellore are covered.

‘Anbu illam’ means abode of love and ‘Adaikalam’ means safe shelter or abode. The name of both projects suggests to those in vortex of distress about the presence of stronghold or abode with love and hope.   

Photos taken on 18 April 2013 during the CCCYC team visit to Anbu Illam, Vellore

Photos taken on 18 April 2013 during the CCCYC team visit to Adaikalam, Vellore

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